Active Living

  1. Active Living Research 
  2. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans – US DHHS 
  3. America Walks 

Built Environment

  1. California Convergence 
  2. California Healthy Cities and Communities 
  3. UCR Center for Sustainable Development 
  4. Land Use and Planning 

Epidemiological Data Resources and Reports

  1. County of Riverside DOPH Publications
    1. Community Health Status Profile
      1. Childhood Obesity: Fitness Testing Results in Riverside County, 2009
      2. Safe Routes to School, Look Who's Walking in Riverside County, 2008-2012
      3. The Local Food Environment in Riverside County, 2007 Retail Food Environment Index (RFEI) by Community
    2. EPE Briefs relevant
  2. National Reference Sources
    1. American Academy of Pediatrics 
      1. Childhood Overweight and Obesity 
    2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
      1. Overweight and Obesity 
      2. Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity 
    6. California Health Interview Survey 

Foundations and Grant Opportunities

  1. The California Endowment 
  2. Kaiser Foundations Hospitals Community Benefit 
  3. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

Healthy Eating

  1. Network for a Healthy California 
  2. California Project LEAN 

Policy Resources

  1. Policy Link 
  2. ChangeLab Solutions 
  3. California Center for Public Health Advocacy 

Regional and Local Collaboratives and other organizations

  1. Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative 
  2. San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative 
  3. American Heart Association 

Shared Use /Joint Use Policy

  1. (Now embedded in ChangeLab Solutions) 

State and Local Movements

  1. "Let's Get Healthy California" Task Force 
  2. Let's Move 
  3. California Obesity Prevention Program 

A Healthier Nation

  1. County Health Rankings and Roadmaps 
  2. Loma Linda Healthy Communities by Design

Initiative Meetings and Materials

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